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5 Reasons to Empower Yourself through Networking

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5 Reasons To Empower Yourself Through Networking

Networking is vital to your career, but often we choose not to take the time to make it a priority   Networking can help you connect to people  who can help you.  Sadly, I have heard spouses state over and over that they do not have the time to network.  This is paramount to saying you do not have time for your career. Here are five reasons why networking is so important:

Networking helps you stay current.

Staying current in your profession is vital.  Networking through professional organizations can provide free educational opportunities from discussing best practices to free webinars in your field.  Connect to local and national professional organization websites and social media (don’t forget LinkedIn).

Networking sets you up for your next PCS.

By spending time networking, you can connect to people in your career field throughout the world.  This can help you as you prepare to PCS.  After all, it is not necessarily who you know, but who you know who knows someone who knows someone.

Networking provides you the opportunity to find a mentor.

Mentors can make a difference and help you understand your career path, and introduce you to the “right” people. They can provide you with opportunities to expand your experience and help guide you as you progress in your career.

Networking allows you to explore aspects of your career field.

Do you know every aspect of your career field? Most of us do not. Networking provides opportunities to learn about different aspects of your career field, providing you with an opportunity to expand your horizons and open yourself up to new opportunities.

Networking provides you the privilege of being a mentor.

Mentoring is not only a way to give back, but will provide you with an opportunity to expand your network.  Mentoring will help you grow as a professional as you share your experiences with a protégé.


Networking is essential, especially if you want to grow in your career field.  Take at least an hour a week to network within, and outside your organization.  Grow as a professional and empower yourself.

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