Maintaining Positivity in the Workplace

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Attitude is everything, but it is also a choice.  Often we start out a new job with a positive attitude and then, over time, become disenchanted or get into a rut where we focus on the negative.  This can be a challenge, especially when the workplace is full of negative personalities.

Recently, I made a choice to change my attitude and run a little experiment.  My week has changed by focusing on the positive with magnificent Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, and Fantastic Friday.  Just this short change of attitude has made my days much more positive.  

My colleagues laugh, but they have joined in, adding superlatives for each day so we now have marvelous, magnificent; totally terrific, wacky wonderful; thriving thoughtful; and finally fantastic and fun. The discussion brings laughter, but also has changed some of the negativity in the workplace.  Since we work for an Army organization, I remind people we should be building positivity, one of the goals of the resilience program.  Most services have this program to build resilience in families and service members (check with your unit or family center to find out more).

So, what are the results of my little change of focus? I am now much happier to go into the office and look forward to each day, even the ones I know will be full of craziness.  Just my mindset change has made a world of a difference.  My colleagues and I joke more.  My boss has joined in with his own suggestions, not always positive (like Terrible Tuesday , which has also helped the team joke back.  The office environment has become much more positive.  One of the biggest changes with my sharing a positive attitude, is that two extremely negative personalities have much less negative things to share.

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