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Job Search Strategies – 4 Ways to Research Companies


One of the challenges when job hunting is determining how to focus your job search. Knowing that networking is key, it can help to focus your job search by identifying target companies. It is also beneficial to research a company in preparation for an interview. Here are 4 ways you can find out more about your target companies.

  1.  Identify target companies

Start by finding out the major companies or organizations in your area that would have positions in your career field. One good place to find this information is your local Chamber of Commerce website.  

  1. Check out the websites

Check the websites and social media accounts of local companies. Be sure to check out their vision and mission statements. What is important to the company? What are the company values and do they align with yours?  What positions do they have open?

  1. Dig Deeper

I am not one to merely trust what a company says about themselves. I research to find out what others say. Look for company reviews, and how they respond to reviews. Go onto sites like Glassdoor, to find out what employees have to say. Be sure to check out the Better Business Bureau to see what consumers are saying.

  1.  Get connected

Use LinkedIn’s advanced search tools. Find those who work in key positions and get introduced by your current connections, or through members of your professional organizations. Ask for an advisory conversation or to meet for coffee. Follow the company’s social media platforms and interact by commenting on posts and asking questions.

By researching companies you are interested in, you are more prepared for an interview and can determine if the company is a good fit for you.


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