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8 Things to do BEFORE You PCS

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So you know you are going to PCS, it is time to start preparing.  The average job search is about one month per $10,000 you plan on making, so the longer you wait the longer you will be without an income.  As soon as you know you will be PCSing, start updating your master resume and LinkedIn Profile.  

So what else can you do?

The answer is: A lot!

1) Work for a federal agency or national company? Ask your supervisor, and higher management  to contact their counterparts at the new location.  

2) Contact any professional organizations to see if they can refer you to local contacts. If there is a local chapter contact them.

3) Get on LinkedIn and update your profile with when and where you are moving. If you are moving to a major metropolitan area, LinkedIn is a must.  Post the information in select groups where you are going and what specifically you are looking for. Be sure to connect to the Military Spouse Advocacy Network Group.

4) Let people know. Be specific, post on your social media pages when you are moving, where and the type of work you are looking for.  Talk to your colleagues and see if they have recommendations. Do not keep it quiet and think it is no one else’s business. Ask your friends and colleagues to review your resume and refer you to anyone they might know in your area.

5) Contact the Employment Readiness Program and get on their email list. Many have job posting distribution lists and points of contact at local companies.

6) Research what businesses are in the area that might be a good match and start connecting through LinkedIn. See if they are Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) partners and if there is a specific contact for veterans or military spouses at the company. Most companies who have veteran recruiters also work with spouses.

7) Register on the state employment website and upload your resume. This is a site that small to medium employers will pull resumes from the page.

8) Pursue selected job posting sites.  One to two general sites such as: the state site , one general site like or, and a couple that are more focused on your career.  

Your spouse’s career is taken care of, be sure you take care of yours too.



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