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Building Your Skills for a Standardized Test

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Building Skills for a Standardized Test

Going to college or entering any program where taking a standardized test is required to be accepted can be scary. Knowing how to prepare or what to expect can be key to being successful. Most standardized tests have a vocabulary, math, and writing section. The vocabulary section of the test is to demonstrate your understanding of proper use, spelling, and definition of predetermined words. The math section will test skills at solving complex mathematical problems, such as word problems and probability. For the writing section of the test there is an essay given on a specific topic.

Preparing for a Standardized Test

The first step is to develop a plan. Make sure to develop a plan that will work. If the plan is too aggressive, it can make the process frustrating. So make sure to develop a well thought out plan with a good timeline to ensure follow through.

Tips for the Vocabulary Section:

  • Play Scrabble using a list of recommended words.
  • Use flashcards with a list of words for spelling, definition, and usage.
  • Utilize a “Word a Day” program where words are sent to email, and then use that word during daily conversations.
  • Crossword puzzles help with the definition and spelling of everyday words
  • Read, Read, Read ~ Many classic stories like, The Great Gatsby, and To Kill a Mockingbird, have standardized test words as well as a glossary included.

Tips for the Math Section:

  • Purchase a workbook for the mathematical topics will be presented on the test. It is essential to know the topics that will be covered on the test so that you can prepare as needed.
  • Use flashcards to remember formulas needed to solve problems.
  • Go back to reviewing the basic concepts learned in high school. The local library could be a valuable resource to check out simple text books.

Tips for the Writing Section:

  • Try keeping a daily journal of all events that take place in the day, making sure to incorporate recently acquired vocabulary words.
  • Use writing prompts for timed writing. The writing sections on standardized tests are timed.Make sure to practice this method for writing like handwriting or typing.
  • Ask a trusted friend to review writing or use a website such as Paperrater. Paperrater is a free website that can copy and paste paper to get instant feedback.

Preparing for a standardized test can be a difficult task. The plan that is developed will make the process a success and aid you in reaching your goals.



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