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Job Search Strategies: Social Media


I had an interesting conversation with my niece not too long ago. She was job hunting for her first nursing job out of college.  She had no idea what her social media was saying about her, and had no clue that an employer might be looking. While her LinkedIn page was well focused, she was being tagged by her friends on other social media accounts, which could be viewed by everyone. Those pictures were appropriate between friends, but told a different story to an employer.   Employers are checking out your social media.  Many check before they even call you for an interview.  What do your social media profiles say about you?

Your LinkedIn profile should be a focused profile that highlights your accomplishments and tells your professional story. It should have a career focus, even past positions not related to your current career field should focus on the transferable skills related to your current career.  Want to show an employer what you have to offer? Keep active on LinkedIn and periodically share information related to your career field. Get involved in professional groups related to your career field and intelligently comment on posts. You do not have to spend a lot of time, just an hour or two a week.

Take care what others can see on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social media.  Consider how much you share and what you are sharing. These days with all the political posts, you might exclude yourself from a job merely by what you share or “like” on social media. In my niece’s case she rarely posted herself, but was tagged in photos by her friends at the beach with a beer, at a bar with a drink, and at a winery with a glass of wine.  With those being the majority of what an employer could see it was not quite the right image. She had no idea the image she was portraying. She quickly shut down the ability for her friends to tag her in a post, the ability for others to see what she had “liked,” and a number of other features.  Periodically view your profiles to be sure they are telling the right story.

Consider focusing your social media profiles.  Allow employers to see volunteer work, information showing how you are keeping up with the latest and greatest trends in your field, or ways you are working to improve your soft skills.  Take charge and tell your story by focusing what others see as they review your social media profiles, because they will.

 How are you using social media in your job search?



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