Vocational Schools Can Lead the Way to a Satisfying Career

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Vocational schools are being looked at in a whole new light.  By attending a vocational school, a student may typically gain a valuable skill and become engaged in the workforce in two years. This can benefit military spouses, with an average PCS move happening every 3 years.

Programs of Study:

Vocational schools focus on trades that can be applied almost immediately to an industry. The training a student receives is for stable trade jobs that are difficult to export to offshore resources.

Vocational schools offer programs in areas such as:

  • Welding
  • Cosmetology
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical installation and maintenance
  • Motorcycle and automotive repair
  • Medical transcription
  • Hotel and restaurant management
  • Registered Nurse
  • Nurses Aid
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer-Aid Drafting

Select the Right Vocational School :

Review the placement rate of a program

When meeting with a school counselor, make sure to ask how many graduates are typically placed in each career field following graduation. Investigating the success rate will help you narrow your options, to determine if you are choosing the correct program.

Research the student completion rate, or graduation rate

The completion rate, or graduation rate is an indicator of institutional commitment to student education and success.

Ensure facilities are current and in touch with industry standards

It is necessary that the vocational school have the proper training tools according to industry standards. Therefore, it is essential that the school have the latest technology and equipment to ensure career readiness upon completion of the program.

Be aware of Extra services the school offers

Tutorial services, employment assistance, and other programs may assist in being successful in a program.

Know the school’s tuition and fees

Research how much it will cost to attend the program. Look for any hidden fees.

Paying for School:

Similar to students at a 4 year university or community college, students at vocational schools may be eligible to receive federal student aid.  Federal student aid is disbursed in three forms: grants, work-study, and loans. Vocational school students need to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid or (FAFSA) in order to receive assistance.

Vocational school can lead to a profitable, satisfying career, that may be portable with a unique military lifestyle. The areas of study are ones for industry, and are not likely to be outsourced to other areas of the world. The cost of completion is less than a four year program. So if you are looking for a faster way to join the workforce, vocational school may be an option for you.


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