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Picking a College Major

Selecting a college major is an extremely important decision. Here are a couple of things that you should consider:

1)    Are you passionate about the area of study?

2)   Could you see yourself working in the field 10 years from now?

3)   Do you know and admire the leaders in your field?

4)  Do you know how to find employment in your field?

5)  Will you be satisfied with the financial gain of your field?


Most schools now have a Career Services department that aid in assisting you to find the right major. You can visit Career Services any time; even before you enroll in school.

When you visit the Career Service department, you will be assigned a Career Counselor.  He/She will work with you on identifying area of interest that can help drive you to be successful in your future adventures. Your appointment gives you an opportunity to ask question regarding career fields and necessary qualifications to be employable in that field.

Career Counselor’s role is:

“Career Counselors help clients clarify their knowledge about their values, interests, personality and skills. They also help clients identify options and information about their career path which equips students to make informed decisions and transition into their ideal career”

During your session with a Career counselor you will have the opportunity to talk about your values, interests, personality and skills. The Career Counselor may be able to administer and interpret a personality assessment.  Personality assessments can help you better understand yourself. The final step could be to help you explore and define your career options so that you can make a decision about the major you wish to pursue.

Deciding what to do for the rest of your life is not only a personal decision but also a financial and time commitment that you should research and ask all the questions before you make the first step. But, know that as the seasons change so can your passions and career path so choosing a major in your freshman year doesn’t mean you are stuck with it for life, there are options to change it later if you decide another field is best for you.

Below are resources that may assist you in finding an ideal major:


profileAudrey has been a Navy spouse for 19 years and has homeschooled her children for the last 10 years.  She has earned her Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, Masters of Education in Instructional Technology and a Master of Arts in Exceptional Students. She holds Professional Teaching Certifications in Elementary Education K-6 and Special Education K-12 in the state of Florida.  She also hold a certification in Human Performance Technology.
Audrey has served as a Navy Ombudsman for 8 years at two different commands and served as an Ombudsman Assembly Chair for 3 years. In addition, she has and continues to volunteers for several military communities such as Blue Star Families, Navy Wives Club of America and Active Heroes.

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