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Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to College


1.Writing Center – When I started school, I was not aware that Writing Centers were real places. Writing Centers are on many university campus and via the internet, they give students an opportunity to review their writing with a trained tutor and gain feedback prior to submission of a writing assignment

2. Career Services – Give students knowledge and skills on how to:

    • Explore Careers associated with a degree and future trends of the Major/Career
    • Student Resources – Shares available resources with students to explore careers
    • Internships & Job Search – Aids students in finding internships and jobs within their chosen field
    • Interviewing – Helps students how to handle the interview process, performs mock interviews and provide feedback
    • Resumes & Cover Letters – Helps students create resumes and cover letters
    • Networking – Provides opportunities for student to network with other students and leaders in their field of student
    • Using Social Media – Teaching the do’s and don’ts of Social Media and how it can impact a student’s future.

3. Alumni Activities – There a many advantages of becoming an active member of in an alumni association. Since graduating, I have meet and developed personal and professional relationships with other alumni that has led to employment opportunities, volunteer opportunities and friendships.

4. Managing Student Loan Cost – Today Student Loans are easily obtained but the true cost of each loan may not be thought about until you are performing your exiting interview upon graduation or leaving school. Then, you may be surprised about how much a degree really cost; therefore, build a relationship with your financial aid advisor.  This advisor can help you with searching for scholarships and grants you may be eligible to apply to and assist with the cost of your education.

5. Be involved with Student Government – This can be a wonderful opportunity to meet driven people who want to make the university a better place for all.

6. Enjoy the Athletic Program – I wish I had taken the time to enjoy the football team in the Fall and the baseball team in the Spring.  The school I attended offered discounted tickets and I never once attended a game.

7. Commuter Services – Like many other military spouses, I was a commuter student, it was not until 2 years into my degree that I found the commuter lounge.  This was a place to sit and eat lunch, rest between classes and socialize with other commuter students.  I spent many hours sitting in my car waiting for my next class.

8. Library Services – The library has many services that are available online that I did not know existed until it was almost too late. My last year of school, I had to create a capstone project.  The research was overwhelming and had to include scholarly writings from other universities.  I was unaware of how to accomplish this task until I broke down one day in the library and the librarian helped me utilize online databases and search effortlessly for the correct information.

9. Academic Advisor – I wish I had built a relationship to stand the test of time with my Academic Advisor.  This person can sometimes make or break your passion for your field. Always, be upfront with your advisor about what you like about a program and items you may find missing.  Your advisor can help fill in some of the gaps and make your journey pleasant and ensure you graduation on time.

10. Finally …. Enjoy the Journey!!!!  Going to school is a BIG decision with many sacrifices by you and your family so stay focused and you can reach your goal.

 profileAudrey has been a Navy spouse for 19 years and has homeschooled her children for the last 10 years.  She earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, Masters of Education in Instructional Technology and a Master of Arts in Exceptional Students. She holds Professional Teaching Certifications in Elementary Education K-6 and Special Education K-12 in the state of Florida.


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