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Staffing Agencies

people-working-with-msan-logoBy Rose Holland, CWDP
Employment Advocate

Staffing agencies are a great way to get a job quickly, explore a new career or expand your skills. They are not just for those seeking temporary work, but rather offer a variety of temporary and permanent positions in almost every career field.

The Military Spouse Employment Partnership’s (MSEP) list of partners includes a number of staffing agencies (Click here to find out more about MSEP). Why? Staffing agencies know that military spouses are perfect for their agency. Military spouses are flexible, have excellent work ethics and  offer an array of experience that would benefit the business paying for their services.

I worked through staffing agencies for many years. I held a position as an administrative assistant for a director of a major corporation that turned into a permanent position. I worked at a factory doing an inventory of their capital assets. I held a number of short and long term positions and was easily able to find work quickly and had many interesting experience early in my career.

How do staffing agencies work? Staffing agencies are hired by organizations to find employees. Most staffing agencies have relationships with local employers. A potential employee applies through the agencies. They may take tests to determine their skill level. There are speciality agencies that focus their efforts in a particular field such as healthcare, human resources or accounting. The goal of the agency is to fill positions for the employer.

As a potential employee using a staffing agency, I recommend you register with three to five agencies. Why? Different agencies have relationships with different organizations. By registering with multiple agencies, you can find an agency that understands you and can find a match that is right for you.  Realize that the agency works for the employer, since that is who pays them, however, it is in their best interest to find a good match for you since a good match will make the employer happy.

Have you used staffing agencies? What was your experience?


7fcde3ae4be55169d661dc998752bb25Rose Holland is the spouse of an Active Duty Army Reservist and is an advocate for military andveteran families. She has three adult children and has been married to her husband, Michael, for 30 years. She is a certified Workforce Development Professional, Federal Career Coach and Job Search Trainer.

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