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Interviewing – a 2-Way Street

Handschlag nach dem Bewerbungsgespräch
Handschlag nach dem Bewerbungsgespräch

By Rose Holland
MSAN Employment Advocate

Often we look at interviewing as a way for a company to determine if you are the right person, but there is another side. Interviewing is a way for you to determine if you want to work for the company and with the people who are interviewing you.

The type of questions and discussion during an interview can help you determine if you are right for the position and organization. You may find many of the questions are focused on duties you detest, you may want to reconsider if the position is right for you. If you find the organization has a culture in which requires you to have a rigid schedule and you know this will be a challenge, you may discover the organization is not right for you.

You can ask questions at an interview. After having an experience in which teamwork and information sharing with those outside the organization was discouraged, I wanted to make sure I was not walking into a similar environment. I crafted intelligent questions that would provide me with the answer. Knowing the job, I inquired to see if there were specific organizations that my prospective employer collaborated with. This provided the interviewers with the depth of my knowledge and, in this case, let me know they were playing nice with others.

Questions you ask can give you a chance to find out the priorities of an organization and see if they match up to your skills. One of my favorite questions to ask is, “what are the first three things you would like to see me do once I start.” This gives me an idea of their priorities. I also realize if they have no idea perhaps they are not ready for someone to fill the position.

Stop thinking that interviewing is only about the organization picking you and remember you need be sure this is a place YOU want to work!



7fcde3ae4be55169d661dc998752bb25Rose Holland is the spouse of an Active Duty Army Reservist and is an advocate for military and veteran families. She has three adult children and has been married to her husband, Michael, for 30 years. She is a certified Workforce Development Professional, Federal Career Coach and Job Search Trainer.


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