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Career Exploration and Job Resources for Alumni?!?

By Rose Holland, CWDP
Employment Advocate

I graduated from college MANY years ago. While I know my college has a career center that I can use as an alumni, I often forget this valuable resource. Today a post in the alumni group on LinkedIn reminded me what a great resource our colleges can be as we grow and develop in our careers.

This particular post discussed the career assistance services available, for FREE (yes FREE). Upon going to the college’s career center, I found an amazing amount of resources that are valuable to me. In addition to full career exploration, there is resume assistance, interviewing assistance and more. Job postings are not just for those attending the college and recent graduates, the college has job posting from all over the country.

Too many forget this important resource. We think because we have already graduated we do not qualify for resource or the school would not have anything for us since we are no longer entry level. Not true, many colleges continue to offer career assistance and job opportunities. Alumni will post jobs through the career centers, and not just entry level. Colleges are realizing the importance of courting alumni and providing them with worthwhile services (maybe has something to do with obtaining donations).

Speaking of alumni, not only do they support their school by sending job postings, but they want to connect to fellow alumni.  Alumni groups are an excellent way to network. Who knows better the quality of education you received than a fellow alumni? You have an immediate connection. Alumni groups can be found all over and are a great source of networking opportunities. I went to a tiny college and there was an alumni group in my area over a thousand miles from the college!

What is your excuse for not using your college’s career center and alumni as a part of your career or job search?


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