Bloom Where you are Planted

***New Spouse Thursday***
It is summer time and there is an influx of new people entering military life or moving to new assignments, we call this PCS season. This is the very first article I ever wrote. I am still trying to bloom where I was planted and I am sure that many of you are experiencing the same struggle.

Motorcycle DetailsBy Sunshine Bradshaw Burgess

 Usually when you hear the term resilience in relation to spouses, it is in conjunction with conversations about deployments/TDYs and the tools to survive when your spouse is geographically separated.  Resilience is actually tools that military spouses need daily just to survive this lifestyle.  Today, let’s talk about that new assignment – that location that you didn’t choose, don’t know anyone, and is difficult from day one.  We have all been there, but not all of us persevere well.

First and foremost, I believe in mind over matter, you have to enter each PCS with an open mind.  Not everyone views every place the same.  My husband’s first assignment is where he met me.  Everyone I met was trying so hard to get orders out of there and I remember being so sad when they would talk about how much they hated that place because to…

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