The Window


By Shelby Johnson- Military Child

As a baby I didn’t understand,
Why I couldn’t hold my father’s hand.
I always miss him day after day.
Then he comes home and it’s all okay.
But soon I start to wonder when
He’s going to have to leave again.
So I’m almost scared to know,
As I look out my window.

Soon I become not much older.
I miss leaning on his shoulder,
Waiting for him to return
Always full of great concern.
So I wait without a shout,
To see how it all turns out.
And I’m almost scared to know,
As I watch from my window.

Finally I’ve reached my teens,
And I know what it all means.
I don’t need to worry in the least
He’ll return from the Middle East.
I never let my feelings roam
Because I know he’s coming home.
So I’ll never be scared to know,
I see him return, from my window.

But while he fights it’s hard to cope.
Hard to keep this constant hope.
To never really have your father there,
No father daughter love to share.
We had fun in all kinds of ways.
I deeply miss the good ol’ days.
The good times were the very best.
He helped me out with any test.
So I try t be brave, try to forget
He won’t be coming home just yet.
So I really want to know,
As I watch from my window.

When he gets home, will he be okay?
Will we have daddy daughter days?
My father’s comfort will I lack
When he has to go right back?
Has America finally won?
Is my father’s service done?
But I never really know,
As I watch from my window.

He always gets home safe and sound.
Our games have another round.
I never have to wonder where,
His comfort always will be there.
I wish our times could just be frozen,
But this is the job he has chosen.
I always know he’s coming back
And our life gets back on track.
So there’s no fear that I can show,
We share a laugh, by my window.


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