Become The Mentor You Wish You Had


Become The Mentor You Wish You Had!

The New Military Spouse Support Program (NMSSP) Mentors and supports new military spouses as they begin their journey as a military spouse.
The challenges rooted in developing strong new military spouses lies largely in the ability to link them to the information and support they need and deserve as new spouses to a military lifestyle. The NMSSP was designed to mentor and provide support to new military spouses as well as improving the morale and welfare of our military community. The program welcomes new military spouses to our military family, educates and provides information on benefits, resources, and tools available to them. New military spouses have an MSAN Mentor by their side during their first Permanent Change of Station (PCS) journey until their arrival to their new installation.
MSAN Mentors are also military spouses who are professionally trained to provide accurate information. Their mission is to empower, educate, and assist their fellow spouses. Further, they will link new spouses to Family Readiness Centers, Key Spouses, Ombudsmen, Family Readiness Groups (FRGs), and other supportive agencies at their new military installation across the country and abroad.
Even as benefits and resources exist to accomplish spouse support, an apparent and realistic lack of experience sometimes stifles spouses trying to learn and begs the need for a system of mentors to be the bridge between the person and the information. MSAN proposes its new spouse support program to serve as a supplementary function to mentor spouses as they embark on their new experience in the military… building strong spouses and stronger families.

If you want to join  our team and empower New Military Spouses by becoming a Mentor, please contact us: Become A Mentor


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