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5 Cost Saving Tips to Help Ring In 2016

By Meghan Northcutt, AFC® Candidate, FFC Candidate

Christmas has passed, and now you’re ready to ring in 2016 with your friends and family. You don’t want the celebratory bill to hit you like a ton of bricks, but you still want to welcome the New Year with open arms. What can you do to reduce the cost while still having a great time?

  • Forget going out to dinner. Going out for a fancy dinner on New Year’s Eve is not only going to be crowded but expensive. Rather than drop the extra cash to eat out, prepare your last meal of 2015 in the comfort of your own home. It’s likely that you won’t want a large meal before you celebrate and a smaller portion will allow you to have leftovers for additional cost savings.
  • Celebrate at home. Forget about paying entrance fees and paying to reserve a table. Gather your closest friends and family for a planned celebration that is effective in removing all of the high prices associated with local party venues. There’s plenty of fun to be had from your living room where you can still countdown to midnight.
  • Wear an outfit already within your wardrobe or trade with a friend. Shopping for a New Year’s Eve dress or New Year’s Eve shirt and tie can tremendously add to the overall cost of your night. Pull out one of those items from the back of your closet that you haven’t worn in a while or borrow something from a friend to give yourself a fresh look without the big price tag.
  • Split the entertainment costs with your friends. Don’t feel the need to provide everything if you host the party; ask guests to bring something to share with everyone else. This allows everyone to bring one snack to share which will prevent you from spending a ton of money on food delivery as the night goes on.
  • Share transportation expenses. If you aren’t staying at your house, split the cost of a cab or use public transportation to get home. Many military installations have a drunk driving prevention program that may provide free transportation to those who need it. Whatever you do, do not drive under the influence!

Following these five tips will help you go from 2015 to 2016 without breaking the bank. Have fun and HAPPY NEW YEAR from everyone at MSAN!

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