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Time to Head “Back to School” ?

Woman reading book sitting in Fall leaves

Fall is finally here, and many have headed back to school.

Are you thinking that maybe it is time for you to either return to school or start school? Are you interested in refreshing your previous education to refocus for your current career? Or are you considering learning an entirely different skill set and seeking out other opportunities?

There are several questions to consider as you research your education—both degree and non-degree—options:

  • What field of study are you interested in? Will you choose a degree or certification in line with your current job or try something new?
  • Are you wanting to attend a traditional school or an online school?
  • How will you pay for school? Scholarships, work-study, assistantships? Is there financial aid available through your current job or through volunteer organizations?
  • If you have children, is reasonable childcare available? Is there childcare on-campus?
  • Are you going to take a full-load of courses or just one class at a time?

Virtually every college and higher education program has resources and admissions personnel available to help answer your questions and aid in your decision-making process. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to consider your education options and find the program that’s right for you!


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