Finding Strength In Being An American

Military, Family, Armed Forces.

By Michelle Rawlings

Fourth of July brings up a number of emotions. Being thankful that I live in this beautiful country is one of them. I am so proud to be a military spouse and it is an honor to stand by my husband and support him in his military career. I am grateful that our children will be raised knowing that it is because of the sacrifices of others that we are able to enjoy our freedoms, something that I feel can be taken for granted. Being a military family is not always easy and it can be easy to loose sight of the best ways to deal with the stress or other difficult issues that come with being a in a military relationship. However there is something really special about being apart of this community. One word that comes to mind is Resilience.

Resilience is defined as being able to “return to the original form” (Dictionary.com, 2015). This means that when times are hard we have the capability to over come obstacles and make it back to better times. It is our strength that keeps us going and wanting peace of mind that encourages us to continue to strive to overcome. Whatever the reasons are that we struggle we can find the power to persevere. It is important to remind ourselves about our capabilities because there are often times when there seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

So how do we concur problems when we continue to use the same tools that haven’t worked in the past? Why would they work now? By remembering times when we have overcome other obstacles, successfully, we can apply the strategies we used to similar issues. For example, there is a couple that is arguing over something that seems like they have argued about many times before. Instead of continuing to argue, they talk about ways in which they have dealt with and overcome other disagreements. The couple can work together and apply the techniques that have worked in the past to their current issue. In a perfect world this technique is great, however, if what worked in the past is not working today its time to look again at who we are.

We Adapt. If something is not working, we work to change. We are innovative and we do not settle. So if this is who we are and what this country is built on we can certainly apply these attributes to our everyday lives. I think that sometimes we loose sight of this, get caught up in the downward spiral. We loose who we are. During these times it is important to find inspiration and what better time or place to find inspiration than during the celebration of our country and our freedom. We are a resilient country, when times are hard we fight back. We persevere and adapt to change. It speaks to who we are as individuals. It’s because of who we are that our country reflects this pride and strength.


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