Obama’s “America’s College Promise” . . .

By now many of you have heard the news regarding President Obama’s “America’s College Promise” proposal. Complete details have not been made available, but I could not help thinking about how this would impact military spouses. How would this impact your goals for an education?

Pres. Obama and college graduates - selfie


Would you be willing to obtain an Associate degree to transfer credits to local public four-year college/university or obtain a technical certification in a demanding field in return for community service and maintaining good grades? What concerns to you have about eligibility requirements that will be released later? Do you wonder that if you have just completed your degree, could you possibly obtain loan forgiveness in exchange for community service? How would you like to see this program develop not only for yourself but also for your children?

Detailed information will be released at a later time. However, today MSAN would be interested to hear questions or concerns from YOU!



Below are links to various resources with information regarding the program. There are several more that could be researched but hopefully these will be helpful in getting you started.


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