How to Obtain Your GED

Last week I received a question from a military spouse:

“I would like to obtain my GED, are there any programs that can assist me?”


Yes, your GED is obtainable through a little research and drive. There are several programs that can offer assistance.

  1.  If you live near a military base, contact the education office. They maintain a list of local resources that offers a GED program and possible leads to help defray the cost.
  2. Another method would be to contact the continuing education office at any community college. Community colleges offer these courses and can also help obtain scholarship or grants to assist in covering the cost.
  3. If you qualify, the MyCAA Spouse program can assist with the cost associated with getting your GED.


**Note: Each state has established policies that you will have to meet before you can schedule your GED test.
Please research each program carefully and understand prior to making a commitment.

For more information on the GED? Visit

More information on the MyCAA program can be obtained at

If you have questions regarding education, please feel free to send me an email at



1 thought on “How to Obtain Your GED”

  1. I live in West Memphis,Arkansas and not near a base…is there anywhere else I can find out information? Any help would be appreciated so very much!


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