AFI Military Spouse of the Year Nominations

Verenice Castillo 2013 AFI Military Spouse of the YearI will always be thankful!

When I was named the 2013 AFI Air Force Spouse of the Year, I knew it was not just to recognize the things that I had done.  I was given an opportunity to turn my ideas into projects and my projects into reality… the sky was the limit!

Receiving this award opened many other doors. I briefed military leaders and their spouses. I proposed ideas that would help improved the Key Spouse Program and the support provided at military installations. I met with Local and State Representatives to advocate for military families. I provided support to many Key Spouses around the globe and founded the Military Spouse Advocacy Network which is now helping many military families. Most importantly, I met many amazing military spouses which are now part of my family and my inspiration to continue serve.

Just like me, there are many military spouses doing astonishing things and waiting for an opportunity like the one I was given. You can give that opportunity to them, please nominate a military spouse that is making a difference and will continue to support our military family.

Thank you MSOY program, Military Spouse Magazine, Mrs Betty Welsh, Mrs Suzie Schwartz, my family, and all of those that believed in me and continue supporting my projects.

Verenice Castillo

#MSOY15 #MilSpouses #MSAN #StrongSpousesStrongerFamilies



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