Press Release

Non-Profit Organization Breaking News

For Immediate Release

Contact: Verenice Castillo

Founder and President at MSAN

Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico (November 26, 2014):

Military Spouse Advocacy Network (MSAN) announced the launch of their Non-Profit organization. Their mission is to create stronger military families through education, empowerment and support. It can be found here: .

Military spouses face many challenges related to education, employment, deployments, reintegration, mental health, new military spouse, and finance. This is why MSAN and its advocates encourage military spouses to utilize and take advantage of many programs, resources, and benefits available to them.

MSAN improves and provides a better support system for military spouses at their installation by serving, educating, empowering, supporting, advocating, and providing information through webinars, events, conferences, newsletter, resources, and networking.

All military spouses need and deserve an installation advocate to provide assistance. This is why MSAN is assigning Advocates to all military installations!

MSAN advocates are also military spouses, and their mission is to empower, educate, and assist their fellow spouses. Further, they will work with military leaders and provide solutions to fulfill the needs at their military installations. MSAN advocates educate and work with local civilian agencies to establish relationships that are beneficial for military families and civilians.

MSAN’s Advisory Board includes military leaders and experienced military spouses that shared the same vision.

MSAN’s tools include its website at, social media, partners, and supporters who are committed to support MSAN’s efforts and are making this movement stronger.

If you would like more information and show your support, please contact:


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