The LearningCounts Program

After completing my profile, I was contacted by an Admissions Coordinator. She was highly professional and knowledgeable about the program. I expressed to her my concern regarding the time devoted to the six week course. She was understating but really brought things to light. The course is to help you build your portfolio. The portfolio is used by schools to determine which courses you may be eligible gain credit for based on your experiences and time committed. Therefore, it could be implied that a detailed professional portfolio is easier to translate to college credits.

The program is also willing to assist you in working with your school even if not currently on the list of approved schools. Credits can be gained even if you already hold a bachelor degree but wish to pursue another associates or bachelor degree.

When completing my profile, I was asked questions about my experience and time committed to each task. In return, Leaning Counts generated a personalized “Action Plan”. This document was wonderful to receive. It provided detailed information on how my experience can be translated to college credits but it also gave me an insight to the type of professional work I could include on a resume.

For additional information on the Learning Counts program, please visit

By: Audrey Carroll


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