Old Spouse, New Home

So we have been at our new duty assignment for a week now and it is VERY different than all prior assignments. Being an Air Force family, I have been accustomed to knowing everything a mil spouse needs to know; however, at our new “home” here in Los Angeles AFB, I am finding I fit in real well with the brand new mil spouse. You see, LAAFB is a Space Command which means my family has entered a completely foreign world. To make it even more complicated, my husband’s orders are such that we are on our own for the most part. I touched on GSO a couple of weeks ago. GSO = Geographically Separated Orders. We live in base housing which is really an annex to LAAFB about 14 miles south on Fort MacArthur. Yes, Fort MacArthur is an Air Force base but has an Army name (feel free to Google it and read of its history). The other mil spouses I have met so far as mostly Coast Guard and Navy. I have met two fellow Air Force spouses though, which is nice. There are a ton of Contractors and GS employees who also live in my neighborhood, many who are either 1) foreign; or 2) what I consider “retirement age”. I like the change of monotony but it is still different and when one is accustom to a normalcy as a mil spouse, these small changes create an uncertainty in my mind. This is why I said I fit in real well with the brand new mil spouse. Lots of new terminology to learn. Lots of just “different”. I am confident the next two years at this assignment will bring many new friendships as well as new things learned from my non-Air Force friends.


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