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Not Your Average Resume by Katie Lopez


*Be Specific: As military spouses we are fairly familiar with military jargon and the acronyms commonly used but in the civilian sector this may not be so easily recognizable.  If a potential employer is unable to understand what you are trying to convey they won’t take the time to ask you to be more specific; instead your resume will be glanced over without a second thought. In respect to this make sure you spell out the acronyms. For example, instead of saying FRG POC write something more detailed such as, “As a Family Readiness Group Point of Contact I was responsible for managing and maintaining communication about key events/information to six military spouses through various contact methods including phone, email, and events.” This one sentence alone gives the reader three specific factors- your role, responsibility, and method.

*The Perfect Fit: While it can be tempting to include every last detail of your volunteer work it is important to remember that a concise and relevant resume will grab the potential employer’s attention as opposed to one that is lengthy and lists irrelevant information. It is perfectly fine to have one template for your resume but the content should be tailored to the position you are applying for. Tailor your resume to highlight your skills that correlate with the key words in the job description or vacancy ad. By sticking to what the employer is looking for without adding in additional information you are more likely to land the interview.  If the position calls for a qualified candidate who exemplifies leadership skills and is able to delegate tasks then focus on how you coordinated the Unit’s annual bake sale instead of how you had the best cupcake in the FRG. Save the baking skills for the office party.

Take the time to look over your current resume and see what areas you can edit that can make your resume more appealing to employers.  We rely on this one document to market our worth so invest your time in making sure it accurately depicts your skills, abilities, and knowledge.


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